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CompTIA IT for Sales Certificate Exam ExamFOCUS Study Notes & Review Questions 2013

This CompTIA IT for Sales Specialist Exam aims to show that the candidate has the knowledge to engage a customer on a professional basis using proper communication skills, qualify the type of technology user, provide appropriate solutions based on the customer’s needs and coordinate with technical staff throughout the sales process. Simply put, it is intended for candidates’ considering or currently in a technical sales role.
We give you knowledge information relevant to the exam specification. To be able to succeed in the real exam, you’ll need to apply your earned knowledge to the question scenarios. Many of the exam questions are written to be less straight forward. They tend to be framed within the context of short scenarios. 
The exam is not too difficult. However, coverage is very comprehensive – a wide range of topics are presented in the official topic list. The exam does not ask you to answer hundreds of questions. In other words, only a small fraction of the official topics will be presented. 
This ExamFOCUS book focuses on the more difficult topics that will likely make a difference in exam results. The book is NOT intended to guide you through every single official topic. You should therefore use this book together with other reference books for the best possible preparation outcome.


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