CCNP SWITCH Certification Exam 642-813 ExamFOCUS Study Notes & Review Questions 2013

This book covers the current CCNP SWITCH exam. The exam expects you to know the following:

Implementing VLANs
Implementing Spanning Tree
Implementing Inter-VLAN Routing
Implementing First Hop Redundancy
Implementing a Highly Available Network
Minimizing Service Loss and Data Theft
Integrating Wireless LANs
Accommodating Voice and Video

A lot of coverage on VLAN and Voice QoS! To succeed in this CCNP exam, you need to read as many reference books as possible. There is no single book that can cover everything! The book is NOT intended to guide you through every single official topic. You should therefore use this book together with other reference books for the best possible preparation outcome.

There is a misunderstanding that you must have the latest hardware in order to learn the commands necessary for clearing the exam. This is not true. The latest IOS releases do require more RAM and processing power to run. HOWEVER, most commands covered have been in the earlier IOS releases many years ago. There are a few new commands, and you can learn about their usage via the various documentations available.

FYI, the Catalyst switches were originally designed to run CatOS, which specialized in layer 2 functionalities. Newer switch models are all using IOS. CatOS and its set commands are seldom tested in the modern Cisco exams these days.


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