CCDP ARCH Certification Exam Exam 642-874 ExamFOCUS Study Notes & Review Questions 2013

The 642-874 ARCH aims to test your knowledge on the latest development in network design and technologies. Topics covered include:

Design advanced enterprise campus networks
Design advanced IP addressing and routing solutions for enterprise networks
Design WAN services for enterprise networks
Design an enterprise data center
Design security services

You need to know the technical stuff and also the conceptual models of network design. Network design is all about proper “division of labor” – you need to use the right gears to do the right things at the right place. You are seeing things from a broader planning perspective.

We give you knowledge information relevant to the exam specifications. To be able to succeed in the real exams, you’ll need to apply your earned knowledge to the question scenarios. Many of the exam questions are written to be less straight forward. They tend to be framed within the context of short scenarios.


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