MS Outlook 2013

Microsoft Office Specialist MOS Certification on Microsoft Office 2013 MS Outlook 2013 ExamFOCUS Study Notes

With the MOS 2013 exams, you will be presented with a project to build. Therefore, real world experience with the software is highly important. You should start by learning how to perform individual tasks. Then you need to “chain up” your skills and apply them on the project to produce a meaningful outcome as required by the exam questions.

The Outlook exam covers:
Manage the Outlook Environment
Manage Messages
Manage Schedules
Manage Contacts and Groups

The exam is performance based with a project-like style – you need to build up an Office document or complete something according to the given specifications. There is a simulated environment for you to get your job done. To prepare for the exam, you need to know the various options available in the Office software. You know the options and functions available, then you can choose the right stuff and apply them in the correct order to achieve the project goal. You must have hands-on experience!

This ExamFOCUS book focuses on the more difficult topics that will likely make a difference in exam results. We introduce and explain the important options in the software that you cannot afford to miss. The book is NOT intended to guide you through every single step in the Office software. DO NOT TREAT THIS AS AN A-B-C GUIDE TO MS OFFICE. You should use this book together with other reference books for the best possible preparation outcome.


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