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The TOC of our books can be viewed either inline (either as HTML or via the Google Doc Viewer) or offline via the PDF reader. When viewing inline the TOC is automatically displayed. If your browser fails to display it, you may try to click on the TOC link at the bottom to view the TOC separately as a PDF file. Note that the actual page numbering and formatting may vary slightly. Certain new titles have their TOC listed as HTML so you do not need to use any PDF reader at all.



You want to know that when preparing our contents we followed a topic flow which we believed is best for the learner. Although we cover most knowledge items suggested by the official Body of Knowledge (we do skip those insignificant/meaningless items), we do not go with the BOK topic flow (the BOK flow is often over-itemized, over-mechanical, over-detailed, and boring). We prefer to make your overall reading experience more logical, practical, comfortable and less boring 😉


We also have study flashcards / point form study notes in electronic format.

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